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Frequently Asked Questions

Someone who has served the NPP, the way Bawumia has served since 2001 (Kuffuor’s early days) cannot be said to be a newcomer. How can anyone say so about someone who has served, in the last 16 years alone, as Running Mate for 8 years and as Vice President for 8 years?

No two individuals are the same and no two governments are the same.
- Mills charted a different path from Rawlings (even though he said he would consult him 24 hours a day).
- Mahama also charted a different course from Mills
- President Biden is charting a different path from Obama
- President Ruto is charting a different path from Kenyatta
- Given that the circumstances they face on assumption of office will be different, one can expect that their paths will not be the same.
Nevertheless, while Dr. Bawumia would definitely continue the free shs, STEM, digitization and industrialization policies for example, he will also bring new and innovative ideas to the table.

Bawumia has worked closely with all religious leaders over the past six years. Testimonies from many Christian leaders about him are there for all.
Many Christian leaders are among his closest advisors. Also many countries have leaders from minority religious who are doing very well.
The United Kingdom today has an Indian origin Prime Minister who is not even Christian, but a Hindu. Sao Tome and Principe, 99% Christian, has a Moslem, Dr. Patrice Trovo Ada elected four times as Prime Minister. Guyana, 99% Christians, has a Moslem leader. Senegal, 95% Moslem, elected a Christian, Macky Sall as President.

Scotland (in March 2023) has elected as first Minister Humza Haroon Yousaf. Yousaf is not white, or Christian, but an Asian and Moslem.

Hon. Abdallah a Moslem won Offinso South.
Hon. KT. Hammond an Ahmadi won Adansi Asokwa.

“Sometimes I get confused, whether he is a Christian or a Muslim, but whatever the case is he is a friend of the church.” General Secretary of the Christian Council, Rev. Dr. Cyril Faysoe – Opening Ceremony of the Ghana Youth Congress, Gomoa Fetteh.

“There is light ahead of you and only God can put that light off.” Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Accra, Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel Torto- Holy Trinity Cathedral, Accra.
“We have in our midst tonight Dr. Bawumia and it is refreshing. This shows his understanding of religious tolerance.” Rev. Banjamin Akwasi Ansong,
Ebenezer Methodist – 31 st December Watch night Service, Ebenezer Methodist Kumasi.

“Your kind of political leadership is what we want as a nation, leadership that recognizes that respect for people irrespective of faith, religion or ethnicity in a manner that fosters national cohesion is what we desire and deserve as a people.” Bishop of Angelica Diocese of Accra, Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel Torto
– Holy Trinity Cathedral, Accra
I don’t know how it could get into anybody’s mind to say that a Moslem could not be President of Ghana. It’s a democracy. It’s a secular state that practices freedom of Religion. Perhaps we may even have a President who is not religious at all. President Kuffour.

Bawumia, as a Loyal and principled member, of government accepts collective responsibility for all government’s policies. The three (3) years period between 2017 and 2019 saw Ghana under the NPP achieve record breaking macro economic successes, including Interest Rates, Treasury Bill Rates, Exchange Rate, Deficit, Growth Rate etc
Covid and Russia Ukraine war have brought severe economic difficulties throughout the world. What is important now is the work Government, (including Bawumia), is doing to lift Ghana back to the situation between 2017 to 2019. The measures have started bearing fruits, as seen in the Exchange Rate over the past few months (Cedi stable, petrol price falling, good effect on transport fares etc). Bawumia will deepen, the process of Restoration, and build a Ghana we will all be proud of. Beyond the current difficulties, there have been many successes and our record is superior to that of the NDC:

• The NPP has constructed more roads, classrooms, railway, bridges, interchanges public libraries, fish landing sites, access to drinking water, access to toilet facilities than any other government in the fourth republic.

• We are constructing 120 courts (over 60 completed.) More than any other government in the fourth republic

• We have created more jobs (over 2 million) than any other government since independence

• Issued the Ghanacard - National ID Card

• Digital Address System

• Mobile Money Interoperability.

• Digitization of services like passports, DVLA, ECG, Ports etc

• Zipline Drones

• Restoration of teacher and nursing training allowances

• One District One Factory

• Planting for Food and Jobs

• One Constituency One Ambulance

• Created Six New Regions to deepen decentralization and accelerate development.

• Free TVET

• Free SHS

In the period of difficulty, we have not laid off workers, there has been no dumsor, and no petrol shortages and we have not cancelled nursing and teacher training allowances.

By securing votes in our non-traditional areas (strongholds) while maintaining our strongholds.
Bawumia is our best bet to win new votes from our non-traditional constituencies and regions. He has demonstrated that in 2016 and 2020.
Imagine what he will do as No. 1 in 2024!