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US Vice President Lauds the tremendous impact of the Medical Drone delivery Service in Ghana.

H.E Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States of America has lauded the positive
impact of the medical drone delivery service in Ghana, on Tuesday March 28, 2023, while
addressing a gathering at a public lecture in Accra.
Whiles speaking she said, “right now, African nations are pioneering the delivery of health care
supplies by drones and this has reduced the delivery time for emergency blood supplies. In
Ghana, this service has delivered more than 9million vaccines including those for COVID-19”.
The Zipline medical drone delivery service in Ghana, spearheaded by H.E Dr. Mahamudu
Bawumia, the Vice President of the Republic, was first introduced in 2017 and became actively
operational in 2020, and has saved many lives. Ghana is now the largest medical drone
delivery service in the world.
During the COVID-19 global pandemic, medical supplies were transported through the zipline
medical drones which was pivotal in the fight against the pandemic as it reduced drastically, the person to person contact, which is the primary mode of the virus transmission.
Gone are the days where patients had to wait for longer hours for blood transfusion, especially in cases that needed urgent attention, as now, the medical drones, in no time, deliver blood and other medical essentials to save lives.